Environmental Concepts Design is an Interior Design company specializing in home shopping for Interior home furnishings.We offer a full line of window treatments,carpeting, reupholstery, wall coverings, kitchen countertops, as well as comprehensive Interior Design.

Environmental Concepts Design was formed by Andrew Rosenberg in 1986. Originally specially specializing in Window treatments, ECD quickly expanded into a comprehensive interior design company including furniture, carpeting, wallcoverings, lighting and space planning. Although primarily residential in scope, ECD also will do office interiors, especially those which require a residential atmosphere. ECD interiors often exhibit an eclectic spirit, often appearing as if an interesting collection of furnishings has been assembled through oneís travels. No job is too small for ECDís expertise, we welcome clients who might have just a couple of windows that need treatments, clients who might need some reupholstery, ECD also specializes in free home shopping, there is never any obligation to make a purchase.

Environmental Concepts Design Ė Interior Design Services in Washington DC

Based out of Washington DC, Environmental Concepts Design is your source for interior design and decorating services, specializing in window treatments and furniture refinishing. Other services offered include carpeting and rugs, lamps and lighting, furniture acquisition, reupholstery, artwork, accessories, kitchen cabinets and countertops, fabrics and much more. Donít look any further for interior decorator specialists in the Washington, D.C. area.

With over 20 years of experience, Andrew Rosenberg and Environmental Concepts Design are among the best interior decorators in the Washington DC area! Looking for window treatments in the DC area? You are at the right place. Environmental Concepts Design combines the best in window treatments at the lowest prices. Maybe itís furniture services you need, donít worry, we can help you with that too. We can assist you with furniture acquisition and reupholstery services, both guaranteed to be competitive in pricing and exceptional in quality.

If you arenít sure which direction you want to go in with your next interior design project, Environmental Concepts Design also offers hourly consultations for your convenience. We will gladly provide you with advice based off of our knowledge and expertise. After speaking with us, you can rest assured you will have ideas you will be proud to share.

Feel free to brows our site for information about our company and our services along with examples of our past work. You can also reach Environmental Concepts Design, located in Washington, DC 20002 at 202-397-7909 or via email at andy@envirocondesign.com.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!
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